Namaskaram. I am passionate about healing modalities. And use this on daily bases for myself and my clients. Hatha Yoga practices that Kritika initiated me in it just sky rocketed my healing journey and overall wellbeing form physical to mental to energetic level…I became so much more aware, flexible, patient and pain free.

Claudia Bhagaloo
EFT specialist & life coach Reiki healer

I did upa yoga online course and I must say that it’s one of the best thing I did in my life.. Actually it all started with the course for kids, which I wanted my son to do but he was bit younger for the course then Kritika mam motivated me to join the course and I am so very thankful to her as this course changed my prospective towards life… Read More

Aditi Tuteja
Ayurveda Practitioner

I feel so fortunate to have found Kritika as a yoga teacher and a conveyor of Sadguru’s knowledge. I’ve never experienced the level of precision and professionalism as I have whilst taking classes here. My life has been enriched immeasurably since. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a top-notch learning experience!

Ivan Klimov

The inspiring journey of exploring this ancient form of yoga with Ms.Kritika Soni is truly amazing.Her way of teaching yoga is totally different.She will motivate you throughout the journey and will always be there to answer any of your queries which is commendable.One should definitely take these yoga sessions to know the hidden side of yoga… Read more

Prachi Kathuria
Clinical researcher and Dentist

I recently had the experience of a lifetime learning classical hatha yoga from Kritika, a natural teacher and practising yogi, who trained at Sadhguru’s ashram in India. I would recommend these practices to everybody, but make sure you learn it the isha way, so it is gentle and accessible and you will not hurt yourself. Your wellbeing, physical and mental health will be immeditely enhanced. And if you are into meditation, you will find this yoga the perfect prelude.

Wendy Pappas
Retd. Admin at St. Cathedral

I have attended her yoga session. I strongly recommend her because she has the traits of a good teacher. I like her patience, knowledge in her subject, teaching methodologies, clarity of speech, identifying and correcting mistakes during the practice. And she does all of these with a sweet smile. Read more.

Shweta Khettry Ghosh
Sr. Software Engineer

Very relaxing atmosphere, beautiful energy.

Kritika is very patient and explains very clearly. It was my first yoga experience and I am very happy how it turned out. I took two courses with Kritika ( Bhuta Shuddhi & Angamardana) and enjoyed both of them

Anna Agranat
General Accountant
Had an AWESOME experience with surya kriya. So happy to take one more step towards spiritual progress and even better to be trained by a Very good and experienced teacher KRITIKA.
Thank you.
Abhilash Aravindakshan
Self Employed

I wish I had heard of this a decade ago. A liberating and empowering program with immediate benefits you can feel and see. The teaching method is very sound and the follow-up sessions keep you improving.

Laura Calder
Author & Youtuber

Kritika is an exemplary yoga teacher. She has been kind, nurturing, insightful and patient throughout my yoga practice. Her strong support and encouragement for my yoga practice has helped me tremendously and I’m looking to learn more yoga from her.

Innovation & Emerging Technology, Large Canadian Pension Plan

I have learnt Surya Kriya from Kritika and I am planning to take Angamardana and Bhuta Shuddhi lessons from her.
She is a diligent and supportive teacher. Her home class environment is serene. Definitely I recommend her for anyone who want to learn Surya Kriya or other yoga.

Senthan Jeyachandran

I learned Angamardana from Kritika. She is wonderful teacher, outlining every details and makes sure we are doing it correctly at every step. Even though I wasn’t a very flexible person when I took the class and I struggled initially but it was her motivation that kept me going. And within a week of practice, I have started to notice more flexibility and so many other benefits.She puts her heart and soul into her teachings.

Vidhi Mistry
Software Engineer

I learnt Bhuta Shuddhi and Surya Kriya at ojassv hatha yoga and had a wonderful learning experience. Kritika is a super-sweet fabulous teacher, she ensured I mastered all the nitty-gritties of the practice. The hatha yoga have brought more stillness, focus and bliss into my life. if you are someone interested in learning classical authentic yoga, this is the place to go to. I highly recommend!

Go ahead and enroll, you will not regret !!!

Manager, Supply Chain Development
A lady standing with her baby

Kritika is an awesome teacher I must say. 2 days of class with her fabulous. She taught with full enthusiasm and to the extent I was little reluctant before taking class. But after the class I feel like joining the class again for next time. I am suffering from ILD- lungs problem . I can say Isha Kriya which she taught me is really helping me to control my breath and helping in my shortness of breath problem. Thank you Kritika for all your teachings . I am honestly thankful to you for everything. 🙏🙏🙏

Parneet Kaur
Sr. Project Manager, Nokia