Navratri Detox: 5 Energizing Juice Recipes to Refresh & Revitalise

  Namaskaram and Happy Navratri to all our lovely readers! If you’re looking for some easy and refreshing juice recipes to try this festive season, then you’re in the right place!  In this blog I am sharing  some of my favorite juice recipes that are packed with nutrients and easy...
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Upa Yoga activating the energy system

Breath and Beyond: A Journey to Health and Longevity

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, the subtle melody accompanying each moment—the rhythmic dance of our breath—often goes unnoticed. Sadhguru observes that for many, attention to breath arises only during extreme conditions like bronchial spasms or excessive breath, missing the significance of regular breath due to attention...
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A beautiful South Indian Temple

Margazhi : A Month of Tranquility, Spiritual Evolution, and Equilibrium

  A Month of Tranquility, Spiritual Evolution, and Equilibrium The Tamil month of Margazhi, also known as Margashirsha or Dhanur masa, holds a remarkable significance within the Indian calendar. Beginning on the 16th or 17th of December, this auspicious period invites us to transcend the mundane and embark on a...
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a diya glowing brightly

Festivals: Igniting the Power to Defy the “Winter Blues”

It’s the season of festivals, a joyous time that brings people of all walks of life together. As the Earth orbits the sun, the seasons shift, and various celebrations bloom like vibrant colors on a massive canvas.From the spirited Garba beats of Navratri to Diwali’s twinkling lights, from the victory...
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A little girl practising Nadi Shuddhi

At what age we can Introduce Kids to Yoga: A Guide

In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and distractions abound, it’s essential to introduce children to practices that promote their overall well-being. Yoga, with its numerous physical and mental health benefits, is an ideal choice. But it raises the question: At what age can children start practicing yoga? In this guide,...
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Sahguru, a renowned yogi bowing down to his food.

How Ditching Cutlery Could Change Your Relationship with Food. 

Fork, Knife, or Fingers?  How Ditching Cutlery Could Change Your Relationship with Food.   I vividly remember a time when I was in grade 2, after coming back from school I was relishing my favorite, Matar Pulav ( Basmati rice cooked with peas and vegetables), with my bare hands. I felt...
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Power of posture explained

The Power of Posture and the Role of Karma

The Power of Posture and the Role of Karma In our daily routines, we often overlook the importance of posture. However, when ignored, this can lead to body misalignment and health problems. Interestingly, this physical misalignment can be closely linked with our karma. Karma, derived from ancient Sanskrit, refers to...
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A girl doing Bhujangasana : The Cobra

5 Shocking Myths About Yoga You Need to Stop Believing

  Debunking Common Myths About Yoga: Separating Fact from Fiction Have you ever believed that yoga is only for the young and fit, requiring impossible postures and extreme flexibility? Are you hesitant to try yoga because of the misconception that it is a religious practice that may clash with your...
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globe with a yellow sticky note saying stay home

Tapping into the Power of Wellness: A Journey of Self-Discovery Post-Pandemic

The post-Covid era has compelled us to confront aspects of ourselves that may have remained unnoticed before. After months of isolation and disrupted routines, we’ve had ample time for introspection. Many of us resorted to work, meaningless distractions, the internet, or virtual connections to fill the void, only to find...
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A boy doing neck practices

Journey to Supple Joints: Embrace Flexibility, Ease, and Well-being with Isha Upa-Yoga

In the vast realm of yoga, there exists a valuable tool called Isha Upa-Yoga. Today, we will delve into the essence of Upa-Yoga and its significance. Our joints, often taken for granted until they start causing discomfort, are intricate systems that enable our daily activities. They are like finely tuned...
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Students practicing Yogasana

“Mastering the Art of Hatha Yoga: 6 Vital Guidelines for a Fulfilling Practice”

Namaskaram! As we embark on our yoga journey, it’s important to remember that it’s not just another workout routine, but a transformative path towards self-improvement. However, to reap the maximum benefits of Hatha Yoga, it’s crucial to create an ideal environment within ourselves before and during practice. In this article,...
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A couple practising yoga together

Unleash Your Body’s Potential with the Timeless Practice of Angamardana

Are you tired of the same old workouts that only focus on building muscle size and strength? Are you looking for a transformative practice to enhance your physical and mental well-being? Look no further than Isha Classical Angamardana, a powerful yogic practice that can help you achieve balance, strength, and...
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Millet: The Tiny Grain with Mighty Benefits

  Rediscovering the Forgotten Grains Growing up, I never really thought about the impact of the food I ate.  If it tasted good and filled me up, I was happy. As someone from North Indian Punjabi family, I was no stranger to the comforting aroma of freshly made alu parantha ...
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Navratri Detox: A Holistic Approach to Cleanse and Heal Your Body

“Navratri Detox: A Holistic Approach to Cleansing and Healing Your Body” Greetings to all on the occasion of Navratri! If you’re not from India, you might be curious about what this festive  is all about. Navratri is a 9-day Hindu festival honoring the goddess Durga and her 9 forms. Each...
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pitcher of water with lemon in it

Ekadashi Fasting: Connecting with the Rhythms of the Universe

Ekadashi Fasting: Connecting with the Rhythms of the Universe Are you looking for a way to connect with the natural rhythms of the universe and tap into your inner wisdom? Consider incorporating Ekadashi fasting into your spiritual practice. This ancient tradition has been observed for centuries and is rooted in...
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Surya Kriya

Surya Kriya vs. Surya Shakti: Choosing the Right Yoga Practice

Are you familiar with Isha Classical Hatha Yoga? If so, you may have heard of two popular practices: Surya Kriya and Surya Shakti. Both practices use specific postures to balance the body and mind by focusing on the sun as a source of energy. However, there are key differences between...
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People sitting on the floor and eating

5 scientific reasons to sit on the floor to eat

Have you ever wondered, whenever you go to a place of worship, why do people always sit on the ground and receive prasad or meals?? Even our ancestors used to sit on the floor cross-legged to eat. This might amaze many of you but this simple act of sitting on...
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A person doing yoga at hill top

5 Tips for starting a yoga routine

Namaskaram everyone, If you have ever attended an Isha hatha yoga class,  there is no way that you were left untouched by the beauty and potential of these yogic practices. But then  a million dollar question arises, why do so many people still  fail to continue the practice even after...
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