Camphor (3month Supply) – For Bhuta Shudhi


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Bhuta Shuddhi is a yoga practice centered on purifying the five elements within the body, as indicated by the term Bhuta means “panchabhuta” for the five elements and “shuddhi” for cleansing. Through this holistic approach, individuals can attain a state of balance and harmony that enhances physical, mental, and energetic well-being.

During the Bhuta Shuddhi process, practitioners experience the soothing aroma of camphor, also known as kapur or chandrabhasma in Ayurveda. This natural substance has been traditionally utilized in Hindu rituals for its purification properties, serving as a natural insecticide and potentially offering relief from chest congestion. When lit, these camphor crystals burn cleanly, without leaving any residue.

Our camphor crystal pack, designed to last for three months, consists of natural ingredients.

Experience the power of Bhuta Shuddhi and embrace the transformative effects of this ancient practice, as you cleanse and harmonize the elements within you.

This item is a final sale and are not returnable.

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