Guided Sadhna Session : Yogasanas every 3rd Friday 7:00 – 8:30pm

A group of yogis doing Mandukasana : Toad

Guided Sadhna Session : Yogasanas every 3rd Friday 7:00 – 8:30pm

This One and a half hour session begins with a guided Yogasanas practice, where you will be guided through various postures and we will hold each posture for one cycle of 30 seconds. Following the asanas, you will embark on a journey of meditation and Nada Yoga(if time permits), allowing you to explore the power of sound and its profound impact on your well-being.

This session is only for those who have already learned Yogasanas. (Pre-registration is Mandatory as there are limited spots)

Why Guided Sessions Are Essential:

  • Refresh your practice and eliminate any major errors
  • Restart your practice with renewed enthusiasm and commitment
  • Experience the support and encouragement of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals
  • Deepen your understanding and mastery of the practice
  • Re-ignite your motivation and passion for yoga
  • Enhance the quality of your practice under expert guidance

After learning the practice, participating in a guided session offers a valuable opportunity to go through the complete sequence under the guidance of a teacher. While practicing at home is encouraged, it’s common to develop unconscious habits along the way. Therefore, joining a guided session allows you to identify and eliminate these habits, refreshing your practice and ensuring its effectiveness.

Being part of group energy and practicing in a consecrated space provides a supportive environment to revitalize your practice. It’s an excellent way to reignite your enthusiasm and dedication. During the session, you’ll have the chance to get your questions answered and even explore additional content that couldn’t be covered in the regular class.

If you have paused your practice and wish to restart, this guided session is the perfect opportunity to revisit and reestablish your routine. However, if it has been a significant amount of time since you last practiced or if you feel unsure about your ability to pick up where you left off, it’s advisable to contact the teacher beforehand. They can assess your situation and guide whether this session alone will be sufficient or if additional support is needed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email if you have any uncertainties or concerns.

(Note: If you haven’t been practicing and it’s been a while since you learned the practice, please email the teacher before booking this session. Depending on how much you have forgotten, this session may not be enough. The teacher can provide guidance and assess your needs to help you make an informed decision.)

Session date and timing: 7:00 pm to 08:30 pm, every 3rd Friday of the month.

Venue:  59 Sprucedale Way, Whitby, Ontario

Fees: CAD 20

For further inquiries and to register: Call us at 416-710-3671

Book your spots now to experience this unique opportunity to receive the most precious & ancient Yogic process in a consecrated Space.

The class would be in a very small group of 3-4 people so that everyone gets necessary attention and detailed corrections at the end.

Request a personal class at  : [email protected]

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