Guided Surya Shakti & Nada Yoga Session for kids(7 to 12 years): Every Monday 6:00 – 7:15pm

Group of kids doing Surya Shakti ( a yogic practice)

Guided Surya Shakti & Nada Yoga Session for kids(7 to 12 years): Every Monday 6:00 – 7:15pm

This 1.5 hours session begins with a guided Surya Shakti practice. Following the Surya Shakti practice, there will be meditation and Aum chanting (if time permits), allowing kids to explore the power of sound and its profound impact on their well-being.

This session is only for those kids who have already learned  Surya Shakti. (Pre-registration is Mandatory as there are limited spots)

Why guided sessions are essential for kids :

  • Full sequence with guidance: Guided sessions provide an opportunity for your child to go through the entire sequence under the careful guidance of a knowledgeable teacher. This ensures that they practice correctly and receive expert instruction along the way.
  • Group energy and support: Practicing in a group setting creates a positive and uplifting environment for your child. They can draw inspiration from others and feel supported as they share the collective energy of the group.
  • Refresh and deepen practice: Guided sessions act as a refreshing experience, reigniting your child’s motivation and enthusiasm for their practice. It allows them to delve deeper into their yoga journey, building a stronger connection with the practice.
  • Q&A for deeper understanding of practice: These sessions often provide an opportunity for your child to ask questions and seek clarifications on specific aspects of their practice.
  • Restart and revisit: If your child has taken a break from their practice, joining a guided session is a perfect way to restart and reconnect. It helps them reintegrate into their routine, regain their focus, and recommit to their yoga journey.

(Note: If your child hasn’t practiced for an extended period or has any concerns, it is advisable to consult with the teacher before booking. They can provide personalized guidance and support, ensuring that your child’s specific needs are met during the session.)

Session date and timing: 7:00 pm to 08:15 pm, every Monday.

Venue:  59 Sprucedale Way, Whitby, Ontario

Fees: CAD 15 (Sibling discount available* discounts for ongoing classes*)

For further inquiries and to register: Call us at 416-710-3671

Book your spots now to experience this unique opportunity to receive the most precious & ancient Yogic process in a consecrated Space.

The class would be in a  small group  so that everyone gets necessary attention and detailed corrections at the end.

Request a personal class at  : [email protected]

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