5 Tips for starting a yoga routine

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Namaskaram everyone,

If you have ever attended an Isha hatha yoga class,  there is no way that you were left untouched by the beauty and potential of these yogic practices. But then  a million dollar question arises, why do so many people still  fail to continue the practice even after experiencing the benefits??

Let me be very honest here even when I began my inward journey ‘Being Consistent’ is something that I always struggled with from time to time.

So today I am sharing a few practical tips that will help you to be regular with your yoga.

Fix only and only morning time for yoga

Although you can do yoga at any time during the day (maintaining empty stomach condition). But if you want to be consistent choose only mornings for two reasons. Reason number one is mornings are more conducive for your sadhna because mornings are quieter and there are least disturbances. The second important reason is that morning time is our time. In other words, it is the only time during the day on which you have total control. Once you start your day there can be 1000’s of situations that you get caught up in resulting in no time for your practice. In my experience, whenever I skip my sadhna in the morning more than 50% times I end up not doing it even with the best of intentions. So make sure you get up earlier than you usually do and finish your practices before starting your day.


Be aware of Distractions

If possible, avoid putting an alarm on your phone rather use a manual alarm. And in case you choose to use your phone, please make sure you don’t start scrolling your social media or that urgent email. Trust me, you won’t miss out on anything if you will check your phone after your practices. There have been instances where I would check my email or messages for a minute and then it would end up wasting my precious morning hour. So, Be aware of it !!!!


Just Show up

On days, when you are not well or haven’t slept at all, you still show up. Just take a quick shower and sit on your yoga mat, you can do a simpler practice or simply sit with your eyes closed. If you will do this then your mind will get a cue that I cannot do anything else but yoga during this time. And the habit will become deep rooted.


Never miss twice in a row

If due to some situation, you have to take a day’s break make sure that you never skip practice the following day. If you break the chain twice it is very likely that your mind will give you more excuses to take breaks. So, Ideally there should be no break but if due to a real emergency you have to, it should not be more than one day.


Choose consistency over perfection

If you are just beginning your journey, it is very important to focus more on consistency. For eg: If you are waking up everyday at 5 am and one day you woke up at 7 am still do the practice. If you are traveling and you don’t have a perfect space and environment, it’s okay. Do as best as you can do. Don’t wait for your perfect yoga mat, pin drop silence, early morning only condition.

Figuring out how to integrate yoga into your life takes practice and some time, the trick is never ever give up. Start again and again unless it becomes a routine.


Yoga works miraculously. The only thing is, you have to do it.
~ Sadhguru

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24 Responses
  1. Nice one ! Yes agree with you , especially the ‘never miss twice in a row’ . It’s so true in my case as well and we don’t often see that point commonly .
    Congratulations for the start dear friend , way to go !

  2. Tanvi Agrawal

    Very insightful article and every point makes so much sense!! Keep doing the good work and enlightening 🙂

  3. Farshid

    Good points.
    I am going to remind myself of these points from now on.
    Very insightful.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙏

  4. Derryck

    This is a fantastic article. I really recognised all the pitfalls highlighted, and this has dogged me for many years.
    Thank you for sharing this article!!

    1. Kritika Soni

      Thank you Derryk

      I hope these tested and tried tips help you be more regular with your practices in future

  5. Ramdas

    Great points! I also do simpler practices on days that I am not well and make up for missing more demanding practices later during the week.

  6. Vimmi


    Literally, your honest experience sharing and the ways you have tried to come out of this indiscipline would really help any beginner to make yoga as undeniable habit.
    Thank you for such a good post…

    Keep sharing…. blessings to you.

  7. Sakshi Sapra

    Practical solutions….You understood the problems faced and gave practical, feasible tips. Thank a lot!

  8. Anna

    Absolutely. I dedicate my mornings to yoga. It’s not easy, my kids can get up early, but my morning routine is non negotiable. My kids know it.

  9. Rishabh Singh Thakur

    Great tips!

    The morning only one is so relatable for me. Will try to follow that. Having said that, the other points are something i unconsciously picked up. Will be conscious of it.