Festivals: Igniting the Power to Defy the “Winter Blues”

a diya glowing brightly
Glowing Brightly, Festivity’s Delight

It’s the season of festivals, a joyous time that brings people of all walks of life together.

As the Earth orbits the sun, the seasons shift, and various celebrations bloom like vibrant colors on a massive canvas.From the spirited Garba beats of Navratri to Diwali’s twinkling lights, from the victory of Dussehra to the warmth of Christmas, these celebrations are universal rhythms that resonate with us all. They’re more than mere dates on a calendar; they represent an opportunity to thrive when nature takes a rest.

As the Earth shifts closer or farther from the sun, there’s a noticeable change in the tempo of life. Hibernation instincts are largely observed in animals residing in colder regions  And guess what? This cosmic symphony impacts more than just the world outside; it vibrates within us too! 

By changing our physical and mental states in more ways than we might realize.

A wake up call to life : Reviving Ancient Wisdom

To counter this seasonal lethargy, ancient wisdom was devised to guide individuals through the winter months. It encompassed various practices, including from the lighting of lamps and the joyous burst of fireworks during festivalsGathering with friends and the exchange of gifts were all strategies employed to keep us engaged and vibrant, ensuring we stayed active and connected. These activities served as a call to awaken, preventing the body and mind from succumbing to the dormant tendencies of winter.

Unlike other creatures that hibernate or reduce their activity, humans have evolved beyond their biological instincts.Festivals are there to make sure  that we do not give in to physical slowdown or mental depression, both of which can easily creep in during the colder months.

Unfortunately, in the rush and busyness of modern life, the deep importance and splendor of these festivals are fading away. This is especially noticeable in regions where winters can be quite harsh.

You’ve likely heard folks nostalgically recalling the days when the spirit of Diwali or Dussehra was incomparable. I used to be one of them, expressing my discontent. However, a few years ago, a colleague challenged my lament with a poignant question: “Who is to blame for this shift?”

 It struck a chord.

“We have the incredible power to either keep that festive spirit alive or let the day slip into just another ordinary day. Instead of simply lamenting the vanished enchantment of these celebrations, rather let’s work towards making them even more extraordinary,” she emphasized passionately.

This very colleague invited me to her home. Even ten days before Diwali, her’s was the lone  house on the street adorned with enchanting  lights on the entire street. Her home radiated comforting warmth from the soft glow of candles. The air is her abode , filled with delightful fragrances, and an overwhelming sense of joy.  The lively atmosphere in her house during that time left a strong and lasting impression on me. It was like a moment of profound  lesson, a moment that made me realize something important. 

Diwali  decorative lights

Since that moment, I’ve pledged to go the extra mile to preserve the spirit of Diwali and all our cherished festivals.


The upcoming festivals are not just regular events; they serve as a powerful reminder to enjoy life to the fullest. They tell us that we are more than just creatures who follow routines or feel down during the winter season. Festivals are like a signal saying, “We’re alive, and it’s time to celebrate!” So, when we see fireworks light up the night sky and our homes shining with colorful lights, let’s not forget the deeper meaning of these celebrations. They are a way to honor the lively spirit of life itself, and they invite us to join in the fun! 

“Have you ever had those unforgettable moments or extraordinary experiences where you went above and beyond to craft truly spectacular celebrations? If so, we  would be delighted if you can share them with us in the comment section below. Your one-of-a-kind stories, unique experiences and creative ideas could serve as a source of inspiration for all of us, as we aim to elevate our festive experiences to new heights this year. 

Your sharings and words are always highly valued, and together, we can make this year’s festivities truly exceptional!”

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  1. Mohit Goyal

    Well written. I can totally relate to the nostalgia Diwali celebrations bring. Remembering month long festivities back in India with markets decked up with lights and colours brought a lot of joy but also brought harsh reality of cold temperatures and missing friends and family. Until a couple of years ago, we use to have a cozy little celebration but then we decided to go big bang. We decided to have annual ritual to host big Diwali party at our home, bring families together to do fireworks with music and dance , taking leave from work for a few days and that has made Diwali again best time of the year and memorable ! Small changes bug results !

  2. Jean Gotting

    Kritika, love all your blogs. Really enjoying reading them. Thanks for taking the time to inspire and educate people. You are also an amazing yoga instructor with so much insight and fresh ideas.
    Thanks, Jean

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