Yoga in Whitby
globe with a yellow sticky note saying stay home
The post-Covid era has compelled us to confront aspects of ourselves that may have remained unnoticed before. After months of isolation and disrupted routines, we’ve had ample time for introspection. Many of us resorted to work, meaningless distractions, the internet, or virtual connections to fill the void, only to find ourselves feeling restless and unfulfilled....
Bhuta Shuddhi, meaning "purification of the elements," focuses on cleansing the core elements of earth, water, wind, fire, and space. This ancient practice serves as the foundation for various yoga processes, offering unparalleled benefits for the body and mind. Learn this ancient yogic practice on August 26th in Whitby, Ontario
Surya Kriya
Discover the transformative power of Surya Kriya, a potent 21-step Hatha Yoga practice designed to awaken your inner energy. The next program is happening on August 12th and 13th in Whitby, Ontario.
A boy doing neck practices
In the vast realm of yoga, there exists a valuable tool called Isha Upa-Yoga. Today, we will delve into the essence of Upa-Yoga and its significance. Our joints, often taken for granted until they start causing discomfort, are intricate systems that enable our daily activities. They are like finely tuned machinery, and their longevity depends...